What We Do

What will you find inside The Curious Tavern?

We aim to bring to you historical items of curiosity and inspiring pieces of art. You never know what you may find. We are always looking for new and wonderful pieces to stock in the Curious Tavern, if you have something you want to show off, let us know.

Pyrography & Laser Engraving

What’s pyrography I hear you ask? Pyrography is the art or technique of decorating wood or leather by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point. – in a nutshell we draw on wood and leather with a hot pen.

We also burn pictures and designs onto a range of materials and items.

Jewellery & Artwork

We love a bit of bling, and something thought provoking to look at.

We create most of our pieces at home in our workshop. We do stock additional items sourced from like minded artists.

Unique Gifts

You never know what you may find and catch your eye, from the strange and unusual to that piece you just can’t go without.

Fill your horn

We stock Mead and other alcohol beverages from carefully selected stockists, Afterall we are a tavern.

Woodwork & Metalwork

From bowls, plates, knives forks and spoons to camping cook wear and all in between. We love being in the workshop and creating that something special. We do stock additional items sources from likeminded crafts people.

Leave your weapons at the door

History is all about events, battles, gatherings, and celebrations. We have a passion for LARP and re-enactment clothes, kit, and weapons. We source and stock as supplies and delivery allow. Keep an eye out, not literally!!!!