The Curious Tavern Licensing Policy

The Curious Tavern is a responsible retailer, we take enforcing the objectives of the alcohol licensing seriously. To that end Longbow Alliance Ltd shall ensure the following is achieved to meet the licensing objectives.

  • Alcohol deliveries will only be made to a residential or business address and not to a public place.
  • Staff shall be suitably trained
  • The Curious Tavern shall maintain a refusal of sales log
  • The age verification policy (including challenge 25) shall clearly be advertised at each stage of the order and on all advertising. All forms of advertising and promotional literature detailing the delivery service (including internet sites and flyers/leaflets) will clearly state that alcohol should only be purchased for delivery to intended recipients (or persons who will accept delivery on behalf of the named recipient) who are aged over 18.
  • Customers will be reminded that it is a criminal offence for a person under 18 to purchase or attempt to purchase alcohol and that it is also an offence to purchase alcohol on behalf of a person aged under 18.
  • At the time the order is placed a declaration will be required from the person placing the order that that person is aged over 18 years of age, and that the intended recipient is over 18 years of age. This process will be documented, (tick box before proceeding, record of verbal acknowledgement or similar). These records must be retained for no less than twelve months and produced on request to an officer of a Responsible Authority.
  • For deliveries where the alcohol is delivered by a third party, the alcohol is concealed in a secure sealed package, and the DPS has no direct supervision or control over the delivery (such as an independent courier or Royal Mail), there cannot be an age verification challenge on delivery, but the above conditions will be followed.
  • For deliveries made directly by the DPS or their employees, staff or agent or persons instructed by the DPS/PLH, the person accepting the delivery must be aged 18 years or over. Where the person accepting delivery appears to be under 25, a recognised photographic ID must be produced prior to delivery. No ID, no delivery.
  • Where the premises contracts a third party to deliver alcohol on their behalf and the person collecting the alcohol from the premises delivers it directly to the customer within a short timescale (such as Deliveroo, Just Eats), the premises will ensure that the third party:
    • only employs delivery employees or agents aged 18 or over;
    • is aware that alcohol is included in the delivery;
    • that the delivery person actively engages with the person receiving delivery and operates a challenge 25 policy rather than just handing the delivery over;
    • that in the event that the recipient of the alcohol is challenged for ID and does not provide appropriate and valid ID, the delivery person will retain the alcohol and return it to the premises.